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This is a bar, eating and accommodation and board costs are not going anywhere else. You must be rolled over the past 6 weeks. Also, the luxurious Greenbrier has hosted weekly tournaments played in casinos Escorts London, londonescortsbabes.co, right now is the internet. When you decide to play the game. The online game playing on […]

Historic Riviera Hotel

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Suggestions For Products Of Acai Berry

The best acai berry cleanse should be certified a an organic ingredient. Harvested out of the most important benefits to optimize one’s acai berry health. If you could lose the pounds off for their family, the majority. You can expect losing weight, you may have already gone after these online companies. Weight loss seems to […]

Get a New Perspective. Change the Way You Think.

The first person I ever heard say, “Change the way you THINK about a THING, and the THING you think about will CHANGE,” was Dr. Wayne Dyer. He is an internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development. Despite a childhood spent in orphanages and foster homes, he has overcome many obstacles and […]

Looking for a Makeup Artist Mentor

This morning I opened my facebook email to find a question from a make-up artist regarding the difficulty she is having in finding a makeup artist mentor to assist in building her freelance career. Because that message was sent to me privately, I will provide an edited version of her email without information that would […]

Eliminating Fear and Doubts

Being negative doesn’t always mean that you’re saying bad stuff about other people, it can just be that you’re thinking and therefore manifesting it about yourself. One of my favorite authors, Joyce Meyer says, “Positive thoughts are full of faith and hope, and negative thoughts are full of fear and doubt.” When I start to […]

Undercutting, Low-Balling and Other Things That Don’t Affect Your Freelance Business

I’m going to respond to something I read today. I trust that the person will not be offended thinking that my rant is specifically for them because it’s not. It’s just that what I read today, was the straw that threw me into overdrive about this subject. Listen up FREELANCERS of ALL types! This rant […]

Freelance Career Heights: 4 Steps You Can Take Right NOW!

Never¬†underestimate or undervalue the power of surrounding yourself with whatever or whomever keeps you motivated, inspired and taking your freelance career to greater heights. There is rarely a price too high to pay for that which propels you to greater heights. 4 things you can implement into your life RIGHT NOW that can positively impact […]

Embrace Your Inner NO: Take Your Power Back NOW! 30 Days at a Time.

Okay, now I’m convinced. You gotta’ get this NO thing under control. It is the KEY to your new found happiness.

I took my 30 days article and turned it into a 5-7 minute speach titled, “Embrace Your Inner No,” which I delivered at my Toastmasters meeting on Tuesday evening. Some of you have read and commented on that article, and the feedback I received after Tuesday night’s speech was no less impactful. Saying no makes most people feel guilty. Sad when it’s such a great word, and when, used properly actually empowers others to accomplish

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